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They’re out there, furiously keyboarding from places like Croatia or Ukraine or maybe Nigeria.  I’m talking to you, crazy comment spammers.  Your poor written English skills and meaningless, repetitive comments give you away immediately.

Here are some examples of the phony stuff I look at:  “For a nice and reading and reviewing your article for only a few minutes to ponder several of your sound points.” Does it make any sense to you?  No, not to me either.

Here’s another one: “We need copy writers desperately. After reviewing this site, we want you on our crew. We offer $35 TO $50 per hour. Our top writers are pulling in over $90K a YEAR, writing part time.” Oooh, I’m so excited.  I must be writing masterpieces to attract such an offer.  I’ll just go to their website, handily included in the comment, and discover that there’s no contact information whatsoever, only come-on links for suckers who dream of earning $90,000 per annum with their fabulous writing skills.

Lately I’ve been inundated with idiotic, generic comments by someone calling him/herself “uggs”.  There are uggs boots and uggs women and uggs everything.  Sample comment from uggs: :”Good day it had been dropped at my attention there exists a trouble with your feed I do hope you wash it soon.” Got this inanity this morning and spammed it immediately.  Do the folks behind uggs realize how bad their sentences are?

There are “plug-in” programs that I can purchase to filter out these spammy creatures.  I must ask myself at this juncture, are the spammers and the plug-in profiteers one and the same? Maybe.  Therefore, I will continue to read and spam, read and spam.  In the meantime, all you real and sincere human beings out there, I invite you to make some intelligible (don’t even need to be intelligent!) comments.  Thank you and good day.