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I was on the phone to my sister recently, and our conversation segued into the challenge of presenting an estimate to a potential client.  I told her that we are well aware the shopper’s eye goes automatically to the bottom-line total price.  However, that glance is accompanied by a host of mental factors, all different in each individual person.

We On The Beamers aren’t only general contractors and designers; we’re shoppers too!  So here is what we know about the cost-driven reaction to bottom line prices for your unique and valuable home remodel project:  “I know I can get a lower price than this!”  And you’re right.  Anybody can find a lower price, but the true question is: What are you going to get for that price?”

It is important to differentiate between value and cost.  Many times we have heard back from homeowners who went with a different estimate because they happily found a lower price, but they didn’t get the value for their money.  Some of them found quality sorely lacking, others discovered that many items included in our estimate were not included in the one they chose.  One homeowner was required to do unwanted leg work for the contractor.

And here’s the kicker:  Often, the lower estimate turned into a substantially higher cost to construct after change orders, mistakes, do-overs and extras were thrown in.  They paid more for their builder of choice than our estimated cost, and didn’t get the value that we offer time and time again.

I said to my sister, “You can always get it cheaper, but you can’t get it better than us.”  And I promised her that I would put that in my next blog.