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When computers first appeared in our lives, the expression ‘paperless society’ began to circulate.  Is that what happened?  Did paper disappear from our lives?  Well, no.  Perhaps there are fewer papers, but is anybody counting?  Here are some ways that I am ‘greening’ my office to reduce papers, folders, binders and other materials, to be gentler to the earth and save trees.

  • We use folders for ‘leads’, people who have contacted us, but haven’t yet hired us.  I pencil in the names lightly on the folder tab, and erase them when the lead becomes a job or doesn’t.  Those same orange folders get used and re-used over the years.
  • Fax and copy paper get used on both sides.
  • Design plans that aren’t used get cut up into copy or fax paper.
  • I go through old binders filled with information that we don’t need anymore, recycle the paper and re-use the binders.
  • We use as much electronic communication as possible, and print only what is needed.
  • When printing, I make sure that no unnecessary pages are accidentally printed out by setting the amount of pages I want in the print dialogue box (usually only 1).
  • We use old architectural plans for gift wrapping.

Do you have some good greening practices to share?  We would like to hear about them!  E-mail me through our website, and I’ll add them to this blog, with credit to you.