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Greetings to everybody!  I just joined a new networking group called GoRampUp because it is friendly, professional, and affordable.  Notice the order that I placed those three adjectives.  Who wants to spend an hour of their day with unfriendly folks?  Friendliness goes a long way in teamwork, support and connection, all important for networking.  The other people in the group are also professional, and to me that means they care about their business and the way they present that business to others.  It doesn’t mean anybody has arrived at perfection, but the search for it is on and in the process, you respect yourself, your company and others.

And yes, it is affordable.  Compared to other networking companies I have participated in, this one is much more reasonable in fees, only $67 per month.  For that price, you can attend as many business meetings as you wish.  The meetings are all over the Bay Area and go on almost every day, so take your pick of locations and dates.  I have attended two so far, in Montclair and Jack London Square, as much of our work is in Oakland.

Also unlike some other networking groups, this one doesn’t limit the kind of business to one only.  Therefore, two or three other general contractors might show up at the same meeting.  This actually adds power to the networking, as we can refer business prospects to one another that don’t fit our own company for one reason or other.

Check it out if you are into networking for your company:  gorampup.com.