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“When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”     -R. Buckminster Fuller

How to Hire Your Contractor

High-quality remodeling adds value to your home. Your home may not be your biggest investment, but it probably is. More than an investment, it is also an extension of yourself: Your haven, harbor in the storm, reflection of your lifestyle, tastes and history, cradle to your family. When you remodel, you are allowing people to enter into your castle and temporarily take over either part, most or all of it.

Tip #1 to the homeowner is: Know Thyself. How do you really feel about your home? How do you handle change? Giving up control? Temporary inconveniences? Challenges? Making decisions? Are you and your spouse or partner on the same page in regard to this project? Can you compromise if necessary? Answer these questions and you will have a sense of what the remodeling experience will be like for you. On The Beam Remodeling makes the remodeling process as easy as possible on the homeowner: We clean up daily and rigorously, protect your home with tarps and shoe protectors, have regular meetings with the homeowner, resolve design problems creatively and quickly, and listen to what you want and need.

Tip #2: Trust your contractor. If you are now asking yourself, “Why should I?” then it’s time to find another contractor. Don’t hire a company that you don’t trust to take care of you, give you service, quality craftsmanship, honor your budget and stick to the agreed timeline. On The Beam Remodeling takes care of our homeowners in all these ways.

Tip #3: Do your hiring homework. This includes getting to know the remodeling company that you are considering to do the work. Call their references, ask for proof of insurance and proper licenses, ask them what they will do themselves and what they will subcontract to others. How does the remodeling company know that their subcontractors will also provide quality work and service? Ask for a walk-through of one or two remodeling jobs they’ve done in your area. Go to their office, meet them and look around. All of this background work will get you to trust your contractor (See Tip Number Two). On The Beam Remodeling offers careful planning, jobsite and office visits, proof of insurance, and references for you to contact.

Tips to Prepare for Your Home Remodel

Do your design homework. Look at magazine photos for ideas. Talk to others about materials they used for their remodel. Visit supply stores and look at finish materials that you will need for your remodel: stone, tile, glass block, shower doors, windows, entry doors, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, hardware, wood and wood finishes. On The Beam Remodeling has resources for the homeowner. If we are your contractor, you will receive personalized shopping assistance, catalogues, and our array of portfolio photos to help you choose finishes.